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Nondestructive testing systems and techniques and Inspection Programs are utilized by all industrial sectors to provide information required for quality control programs, to ensure product integrity, to evaluate corrosion or erosion mechanisms, and as an investigative tool in variousapplications. Application examples follow with links or you may navigate using the menu on the left hand side of this page.

Radiographic Examination X-ray and gamma ray inspection of weldments, castings, shop fabrication and plant piping systems. X-ray and gamma ray (radiographic) inspection of pipeline welds by internal crawler equipment or external exposure techniques. We offer the only certified in-house shielded X-ray bunker within a 300 mile radius of our corporate offices. While we are more than willing to come to your facility this shielded bunker means you may ship your components/test coupons, etc. to us. We offer rapid turn around to suit your requirements.


International Testing has for many years led the industry in the development of underwater radiographicexamination services. We work closely with professional diving contractors to furnish their personnel with appropriate training in the areas of safe-handling and technical proficiency. Additionally, we provide on site supervision during the radiographic examination process. Film processing and interpretation - we can supplya turnkey package to enable the following:

Butt-weld examination

Underwater Radio Longitudinal-seam examination prior to hot tap

In-service profile wall thickness as a compliment to an erosion/corrosion survey

International Testing and Inspection Services, Inc. is fully licensed by state and federal agencies to offer this service, we provide the complete approach including exposure device, survey instrumentation and dosimetry systems all of which are tested and where appropriate certified to depths of 1000 feet (472 meters). The service can be employed in the wet or in a dry hyperbaric habitat.

If you have any specific questions concerning radiographic examination or other NDT methods, call us first for a technically appropriate and safe solution.

Ultrasonic Inspection - We offer a diverse range of applications including:

Wall thickness corrosion monitoring of vessels or piping.
Remote wall-thickness using magnetic tank wall climber.
Portable flaw detection by ASNT level II technicians.
Development, set-up and operation of CANSPEC proprietary computer based corrosion monitoring software, DATADRAFT.


International Testing not only developed, but has employed the SONOMAP Generating Tube Examination System, used since 1991 in power generating and recovery boilers. The SONOMAP¨ system is sensitive to both fire-side erosion/corrosion and water-side corrosion/pitting. As opposed to manual, single-location techniques, SONOMAP¨ produces approximately 40K-thickness values providing 100% coverage of the area of interest.


We have, for many years, efficiently provided Conventional Non-Destructive Testing Services to construction companies, fabricators, refineries, chemical plants, NASA and pulp and paper mills on a 24-hour per daycallout basis.

Our services include:

Radiographic Examination

Ultrasonic Examination

Magnetic Particle Examination

Dye Penetrant Examination

Internal Pipe/Tubing Closed-Circuit TV Visual Examination

Additionally, call-out service is also available to the offshore industry. Meeting all ABS and US Coast Guard inspection requirements, ITI provides pipeline radiographic examination and erosion/corrosion surveys on drilling rigs, barges, ships and more. Contact us for a consultation and find out first hand why service is part of our name.

We are a Multi-discipline inspection and materials NDT firm focused on developing, implementing and administering extensive quality assurance programs designed to achieve quality standard levels that meet or exceed the specified requirements on construction and maintenance projects. Many aspects of our quality assurance services are common to most projects and include:


DoT Bridge Inspection

Welding Inspection Services include a diverse range of applications such as:

Preparation and evaluation of specifications.
Evaluation of nondestructive testing systems and procedures.
Auditing of mechanical tests and nondestructive testing.
Visual inspection of quality and workmanship.
Review and evaluation of vendor's quality control program.
Dimensional verification.
Monitoring of product handling operations.


Vendor Surveillance
This service features an audit program specifically designed to assist purchasers of manufactured good in receiving quality products. Service include:
Preparation of review of the applicable specification and inspection plan.
Implementation of a system of control whereby hold points are identified at critical phases of manufacturing.
Reviewing and monitoring the manufacture's conformance to quality assurance and quality control programs.

Mill Inspection
This service features inspection activities at a mill location during the manufacture of line pipe, casing, tubing, drill pipe or hollow structural tubing by an inspection team or quality auditor. Mill inspection service include:
A review of manufacturing procedures.
Examination and verification of material test reports.
Observation of metallography examination.
An audit of lab testing and nondestructive testing.
Monitoring of product handling
Final inspection

Structural Steel Inspection
This service features physical activities and a review of welding and fabrication procedures related to structural steel assemblies:
A review of company certification, customer specifications, welding procedures, welder qualifications, mill test certifications, mill test certificates.
Visual inspection of production welds or assemblies.
Bolt torque testing.
Coating inspection.
Reporting on production status of the project when required.
Monitoring of loading and shipping.
Inspection during field erection.

Pressure vessel, Pressure Piping and Tank Inspections
This service is designed to verify conformance to customer and code specification. Service includes:
Review and verification of applicable specifications and code requirements.
Vessel inspection surveys to API 510.
Tank calibration.
Tank inspection surveys to API 653.

Turnaround Inspection Execution
Experienced supervisors provide efficient ands effective management oftechnical resources and equipment during plant shut downs.

Corrosion Surveys
Material thickness monitoring.
Contract drafting.
Data entry of survey information.

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